Authorization Letter

RE: Telecommunications Consulting Services for Exhibit A: Schedule of Properties (the “Property”), located at Reference Exhibit A: Schedule of Properties

To whom it may concern:


Our Company, , has engaged Asset Essentials Media as of  June 23, 2024 to review agreements for multi-channel video (whether by cable or satellite), high-speed internet access (whether by DSL, cable modem, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi delivery), and telephone service (whether by POTS or VoIP) (collectively, the “Media Services”) at the above Property. Asset Essentials is authorized to obtain information in your possession regarding Media Services at the Property including but not limited to: contracts, revenue share, penetration reports, and to solicit proposals for the provision of Media Services at the Property. Authorization is granted for the term of one (1) year from the date first set forth above and shall automatically renew for successive periods of one (1) month terms unless either party provides the other with a minimum of thirty (30) days‌‪‌ notice of its intention not to renew at the end of the then current term. Asset Essentials is not authorized to execute service agreements on our behalf. We appreciate your cooperation in this process as we review our portfolio.







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