Big evolutions in the private 5G race

Posted on June 14, 2023

Big evolutions in the private 5G race

AUSTIN – Big 5G Event – Private 5G remains a hot topic, and it was certainly front and center here at the recent Big 5G Event. In this interview, Omdia analyst Pablo Tomasi discusses recent developments.

Tomasi, the principal analyst for private networks at research and consulting firm Omdia, says that private 5G players continue to discuss where and how developments will work at the network’s edge. Such discussions often revolve around whether enterprise customers will run their private network operations on their own premises or at a nearby computing location.

He also says that private 5G discussions often involve the role of Wi-Fi networks. Private 5G proponents have positioned their offerings as an alternative to Wi-Fi but increasingly are touting their offerings as a complement to Wi-Fi.

Finally, Tomasi says that private 5G providers will now address the role of open RAN technology in the space. But he cautions that it’s still early days for open RAN, particularly in private 5G.

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