Why Asset Essentials?

  • Expertise
    Asset Essentials is made up of a team of management professionals that have substantial experience in asset management, telecommunications, and real estate. We know the laws, service providers, and possess a deep understanding of both the national and regional environments.
  • Customization
    By listening to our clients, and assessing their needs, we can identify cost effective approaches to varying services and negotiate terms with service providers that are customized to our clients’ specific interests.
  • Leverage
    Asset Essentials has the capacity to aggregate properties from multiple owners. This capability provides us with leverage to negotiate better terms from a position of strength, thus achieving off-market pricing.
  • Outsourced Trusted Advisor
    Our process frees up operational resources and allows clients to focus on additional revenue generating responsibilities. By introducing operational efficiencies targeted towards client’s specific needs, we can maximize the program’s profitability.
  • Aligned Success
    Our success is directly tied to our clients' success. With incentive alignment focused on customer satisfaction and financial returns, we will always be aligned. We are your partners; with the sole goal of helping you achieve your business goals over the short and long term.
  • Process
    We implement effective, structured processes to support your needs throughout the lifecycle of your contract. Our work starts before a contract is ever negotiated and continues until the contract expires.
  • MDU Internet Broadband
    Asset Essentials provide a broad range of account management services unique to the MDU Telecom space, enabling Asset Essentials to become the #1 broadband MDU consultant. We offer unmatched support to our clients throughout the entire process, including portfolio due diligence, analysis of existing contracts, and property specific breakdowns of new proposals from service providers. Additionally, we create efficiencies for our clients by consolidating all executed contracts into our online database allowing 24/7 access. Our consulting expertise includes all forms of telecom and cellular contracts, including bulk Wi-Fi contracts, multifamily marketing agreements for internet, cable, and telephone as well as cell tower and microcell. To receive a FREE portfolio Analysis on MDU Internet broadband marketing & bulk agreements, please contact us.