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Asset Essentials Cellular is providing expert guidance to commercial real estate owners in navigating a complex and dynamic wireless marketplace. While our firm is involved with wireless technologies of all generations and functionalities, our primary focus is the onset of the fifth generation of wireless technologies, better known as 5G.

With the demand for connectivity growing at a rapid pace, 5G technologies will change the way that individuals and devices connect with the world. 5G will enable data speeds as high as 10 gigabits per second, which is faster than the world has ever seen and up to 100x faster than current networks. 5G will also decrease latency or response times for connected devices, thus giving life to practical use cases such as artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

The robust nature of 5G technologies requires the mass densification of wireless networks. Commercial real estate, of all varieties, serves as valuable venues for the densification of wireless infrastructure. This presents a clear opportunity for real estate owners to assume the financial and technological advantages of 5G.

Why is it important for commercial real estate owners to address 5G?

  • Site leasing opportunities with topline revenues.
  • The volume of resident-owned smart devices is growing tremendously, with the expectation of constant connectivity.
  • Smart Building and enterprise IoT functions require constant connectivity.
  • The ability to market an asset as “5G Enabled”.

Through industry expertise and strategic relationships with national carriers, Asset Essentials Cellular provides wireless planning services to position our clients’ assets to benefit from the evolution of 5G technologies, as well as topline revenue opportunities.

Asset Essentials Cellular offers services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Rooftop/Land Leasing
  • New Site Development
  • Site Marketing
  • Exiting Site Rent Audits
  • Wireless Site Account Management

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