Signal Tracking


Asset Essentials has been contacted by a new data and monitoring company in need of rooftop space for their equipment. With thousands of rooftops currently under representation, Asset Essentials partnership allows this new technology to be deployed quickly and effectively resulting in better terms for our clients. We are currently assisting them in the site selection process across the U.S. and wanted to bring this great revenue opportunity to you. Due to the limited timeline of this opportunity, we would need to know if you would like us to review your sites by the end of January. The review process takes a few weeks to complete and requires zero involvement from the owner. If sites are selected, depending on location they can expect to receive $500-800 a month for up to 20 years.



The program and infrastructure do NOT conflict with broadband or cellular contracts negotiated with the providers/carriers of your sites. Instead, these antennas will be an ADDITIONAL stream of revenue for your property!

  • INSTALLATION – Brief evaluation & Approval process with a Projected turnaround Of about 150 days from Start to 1st payment. Seamless 1-2 day install Little-to-no owner Involvement
  • EQUIPMENT – Antennas are roughly the Size of a coffee container Can be mounted on utility Poles, light poles, etc., Instead of the facial Equipment box is 3’ x 3’, and Can installed in your Telecom closet
  • REVENUE – $500-800 monthly per Antenna for up to 20 – years Willing to pay above market Lease due to Asset essentials Partnership

For information on how to add additional value to your portfolio, please contact:
(210) 979-6674