How we do it

Our corporate focus emphasizes customization and customer satisfaction.

Asset Essentials will manage and ensure rapid adoption of revenue-producing services by following the agreed upon marketing plan established for each property. We know that Owner needs vary and we adjust our management and marketing activities to dovetail and support Owner requirements.

We are here to ensure Owners and asset managers do not put their assets at risk.


During our initial assessment, we will evaluate baseline information including, but not limited to:

  • Size – number of units;
  • Class – the target demographic that the facility markets;
  • Contract Status – of current telecommunications service, contracts, and an evaluation of the incumbent provider's service levels;
  • Occupancy – the level of occupancy that is the "norm" for the facility, as well as facility goals;
  • Penetration – the number of resident subscriptions to provider services.


We know that detailed up front planning with each of our owners helps to create a healthy management relationship that will last. Asset Essentials focuses on this aspect when reviewing each of our clients’ portfolios. We customize a business plan for each property to address client specific needs. These needs control the scope and direction of each individual business plan.

Asset Essentials business model has already proven effective across over 1,000,000 units and can accommodate unique requirements through insightful planning and management protocols. Our customized business plans include clearly stated profit incentives and expectations for the life of the telecommunications contracts.


Our team members are experienced and tough, but fair, negotiators who are not afraid to engage in negotiations at the highest levels of the industry. We use positive leverage alongside our deep relationships to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

We have successfully negotiated deals with almost every telecommunication company in the country ranging from "franchise" cable companies to "third party" satellite providers. We also partner with regional cable providers and infrastructure developers in rural and secondary markets to ensure full services are provided to properties and residents.


A key element of successfully executing a telecommunications contract is the legal process. With the volatility and complexity of the telecommunications marketplace, an owner or asset manager seemingly must be a practicing lawyer to effectively navigate their way through contracts. The maze of legal impediments and pitfalls that make up telecommunications contracts can add cost and lead to asset exposure.

  • Asset Essentials will eliminate the burden of contract creation and execution;
  • We have knowledge of federal and state regulations, as well as, the Federal Communications Commission laws governing service providers;
  • We have expertise in regional and local requirements;
  • Occupancy – the level of occupancy that is the "norm" for the facility, as well as facility goals;
  • We understand the nuances associated with telecommunications contracts and are experts in removing the negative elements that bind owners to unfavorable terms and conditions.