Paradise prepares a 5G platform for developers

Posted on June 7, 2023

Paradise prepares a 5G platform for developers

AUSTIN – Big 5G Event – Paradise Mobile is close to finishing its 5G network buildout and is ready to kick off the next step in its broad strategy: opening its operations to developers, said CEO Sam Tabbara.

Speaking here at the Big 5G Event, Tabbara explained that Paradise Mobile is building a cutting-edge 5G network across Bermuda. The network isn’t huge – it spans Bermuda’s roughly 20 square miles with a handful of transmission sites – but it runs mainly in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud using software and hardware from vendor Mavenir. That design is far different from most established telecom networks.

The initial goal of the Paradise Mobile network is to provide speedy 5G services to residents and tourists on the island. But Tabbara explained that the company also plans to offer its network to developers looking to test next-generation services on a cutting-edge, cloud-based network architecture.

Ultimately, Paradise Mobile hopes to offer its network as a kind of public test bed that others in the 5G ecosystem can use to prove out new technologies and business models that they can then export to other, bigger markets.

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