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#1 Broadband MDU Consultants

#1 broadband MDU consultants, telecom & cable agreement consultants who specialize in assisting multifamily owners, developers, and management companies to maximize revenue. Asset Essentials provides comprehensive broadband consulting & agreement broker services on behalf of multi-family apartment with regards to broadband, bulk WiFi & bulk agreements.

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Customized Needs Analysis

Asset Essentials will perform in-depth due diligence by analyzing and evaluating your portfolio to determine the status of all current and expiring telecommunications contracts.

We will also assess your:

  • Portfolio by region and perform a full market study;
  • License and easement rights;
  • Ownership of existing wiring and access rights;
  • Termination rights.

Contract Negotiations

Asset Essentials maximizes financial terms by aggregating units from various portfolios in every submarket across the U.S. This gives Asset Essentials significant leverage when negotiating contracts, resulting in more favorable contract terms for Owners.

  • We include competitive technology clauses that protect Owners, and their assets, for the life of the contract;
  • We know and understand applicable laws and regulations;
  • We insert owner friendly renewal, termination, assignment, and property protection clauses;
  • We negotiate favorable easement and license terms

That gives Asset Essentials significant power when negotiating – resulting in more favorable contract terms and revenues for Owners.


We strategically focus our efforts on implementation programs to facilitate, and ensure, smooth transitions among new and existing telecommunications providers.

Asset Essentials provides training to on-site property management teams so they can:

  • Become knowledgeable about telecommunication provider products and the competition;
  • Reinforce the added value to residents;
  • Communicate effectively to their residents, and potentially achieve higher penetration levels throughout the life of their contracts as a result.

Account Management

Our account managers actively regulate client accounts through sustained engagement and supportive processes that service their specific needs. We are their telecommunications partner throughout the life of the contracts.

We have long-term national contacts within telecommunications corporations and have worked closely with all the national providers.

  • We have the unique position of corporate strength, based on the number of our units under representation and our deep relationships.

Asset Essentials will get to know your property managers personally. Providing each onsite team with direct access to our knowledgeable, client-centered account managers. Through effective communication and round the clock support, we can succeed together.